Sunday, April 12, 2009

More info

As per Alison Cumming comment I wanted to clarify my issue. The difference in FI's tutorial and my own is mostly a two part placket vs a one part placket. Although in mine the underlap is 1/4" smaller than the overlap. I'm not sure what it is on hers. I imagine I would have the same problem however I could just be thinking about it wrong. Here's what is going on with mine.

Here is what it should look like in paper.

This is what it is doing.


Kathleen Fasanella said...

hey Carly, my tutorial is a whole lot less work. Fwiw, I was taught the way you show in the april 11 entry but was never satisfied because I knew it was far too complex to be widespread in a commercial environment; they had to be using a better way. Try it, I think you'll be pleased; it's a lot less grief.

Carly said...

I tried a two part placket before and it didn't come out that well but that was before I had your instructions. I will give it another go now that I. Have the link. Thanks