Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I just want to congratulate Jessie on her first fashion show.
People were out in force raising money, mingling, kanoodling and trying to figure out how the bar worked. I ran into Adam Arnold and Sharon Blair for starters. Adam had on a beautiful denim sports coat that sparked a good discussion on the appropriate uses for denim. And Sharon Blair was there in the VIP section.
In general the clothing being shown was alright, very little of it totally floored me but there were some highlights. There were some pretty good Boob flounces.

Popina Swim put on a pretty good show including this crowd pleaser.

There were a lot of Pendelton wools used in knit wear by Erhart which was occationally cool in concept but wound up with strange pooching, and stretching issues that you might imagine with that combo. Notice the pocket flaps on the guy in the middle, and the way they seem to stick straight out from his chest. There was one point where a girl took off her jacket and threw it over her shoulder exposing an unappetizing interior. Oh well.

And now what you all have been waiting for...
(And I have to appologize for the format of the photos because my camera died almost immediately.)
Jessie's line was a ton of fun. The girls shirts were all drapy or key holed in such a way that I was sure that we would see some nipple, especially after the Forecast show. However I suspect that there was some cunning deployed double stick tape. It was the opposite of a wardrobe malfunction it was a wardrobe success! There was a sneak peak of the senior collection pants.

Shown Here with a super cute shirt.
These were my other favorites.
Nice work Jessie.

Here is Susanna, Olivia, and myself enjoying the free photo booth.


Jessie said...

Hahha. you are hilarious Carly. I especially love the links whos names are "wow" and "cool". Thanks for taking the time to make this entry, attending the show, and the moral support. It was a lot of fun & I already know the things I would do differently:) I absolutely must insert a plug here for my friends Christy and James who are responsible for providing the Original Photobooth. It can be rented by the hour for special events in the Portland /Vancouver area. For more information check out: www.theoriginalphotobooth.com

Thanks again Carly!

Alyson Clair said...

Those pants look really good!

hannah said...

That photo strip makes me REALLY miss you guys.