Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fruits of forced leisure

Sick sick sick with a stupid summertime cold preventing me from biking and beach adventures. I'm instead internet surfing while drinking large quantities of orange juice.

Pendleton has collaborated with Opening Ceremony, resulting in a predictably fantastic collection. These two coats are my favorites.

I'm REALLY late on the All Saints bandwagon. But now that I'm on it, hot damn. I haven't been sewing for myself at all lately, but their website provides some serious inspiration. Not only do I love most of what they've got, but a lot of it all looks like so much fun to drape and pattern. A little bit of a challenge, but not so much it's frustrating.
This is the best coat I've seen in a long time:

Oh, Alexander Wang. How do you know what we want before we do?
This vesty-thing is peeerfect. It spells the end nights out trying to dance with a purse banging against your side. I'm unabashedly planning to rip it off, now that I've gathered all the supplies needed for sewing leather, and discovered that hides of various types can be procured on ebay for less than ten dollars.

(Those booties would look cute on someone else...)


Carly said...

someday I will get you to unabashedly wear heels. I think all your fussing about being too tall is over. You will walk out in some bad ass heels, stand 6'4" like some roman goddess and watch the men drop like flies.
I got you a present. I found it in a thrifts store and I couldn't bear the idea of you not owning it. I'll mail it one of these days.

hannah said...

You are such a dear. My comment was more about personal taste than the appropriateness of my wearing 6 inch heels, although I have to admit that I'd be much more into wearing them if it didn't draw so much attention to my height. I guess those shoes are designed to draw attention anyway..
A gift? ooooh...but don't mail it until I've sent off your extra late birthday present or I'll feel like more of a jerk than I already do...