Monday, August 10, 2009

New Studio!

I'm sorry for the extended radio silence. I have been working on putting together a new studio in my basement. We had a very large room that use to be somebody's band recording studio in our basement. Between the paint job and the foam and carpeting tacked to the walls, it had a very creepy feel. However it has now been re-purposed into a rather nice new sewing studio. Nate and I (Smith and Bybee) are working on getting a five by ten foot work table which will be a massive step up. However even without that we have enough room to have two people working at once. It amazing how much different a studio needs to be when its not just one person. Our biggest issue was finding the space to have one person pattern and one person cut. We will see how goes.

There is also a great website I found recently that is a good multi purpose design site. The categories on the side bar are my favorite. It's called Toxel

And one last update that I will follow up on later. I am learning to make gloves. I have my prototype worked out for my basic pattern and I'm going to get started on my first real pair here in the near future. I will also scan and post my patterns when I done. If you are interested, most of what I used to figure it out can be found here or through the Vintage sewing link on the side bar.

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