Sunday, March 9, 2008

Vintage (please click here)

These posts are a little over due seeing as how they were purchased some time ago. I went on a small streak of craving embroidered cowboy boots. I had spent way too much time looking at full color spreads of classic western fashion and had started coveting all sorts of inapropriate things. I recommend a book called "How the West Was Worn" if you want in on it. So anyhow I found these boots at a cute vintage store near my house called Xtabay. She had them marked at thirty eight dollars. I offered her thirty and she promptly upped the price to fourty dollars. The moral of this story is don't haggle over things this cool.

Then just recently I found an original White Stage jacket from the fourties. I love the very idea women's camping gear that still makes you look like a woman. I also found this at Xtabay also for thirty eight dollars. Apparently that is my magic number. I'm thinking of copying it, but turning it into a pair of black canvas coveralls for working in the shop at Terrazign.

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