Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pattern weights III

Since I nobody sent me pictures I can't post the wide range of pattern weights that I had hoped however I can post my collection as well as what we use at work.

These are what I use at home.
Starting from left to right on top;
1. a weight I bought off a furniture renovation shop that was going out of business, the man who sold it to me said that people use to cary these in their saddle bags and then when they got somewhere they would take it out and tie their horse to it. I have no idea if that is true or not.
2. This is a gear cluster from a motorcycle that my aunt gave me when we were cleaning out her goat shed.
3. Standard scale weight
Left to right on bottom now;
4. Some part of the brake system for a large vehicle that my mechanic gave me.
5. The same part for a smaller vehicle with a large ball bering in it for extra weight.
6. Again the same part without the ball bering
7. A triangular piece of lead with a leather cover that has been carefully hand stitched around the edge. This was made as a paper weight by Bob Beckle at the place that Hannah and I use to work.
8. This is just a large chunk of steel I stole from our scrap pile at work. I wire brushed it to get all the rust off, then lightly oiled it with WD-40. Then made sure that it was perfectly clean before I put it on my fabric.

On a side note, for cool weights I had a lot of luck typing "antique weight" into ebay.

These are the ones we use at work. Note the pen for a sense of scale. These where made by boss. They are steel flat bar with welded handle made in-house. They were powder coated white.

I was wondering if anybody has used either of these kinds of weights?



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bsc2008 said...

Don't bother with the Olfa weights. They are only good for commercial tissue paper patterns.