Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It was good while it lasted

Well, this is it. Hannah and I are throwing in the towel and shutting down Not Enough Thursdays. We are both forbidden to post about our day jobs and their related projects which leaves us little time and few projects to post about. It has worked out alright until recently but Smith and Bybee has started picking up for me and I don't feel comfortable posting about our patterns for that either. What does this leave me? There are a few tutorials that I have always wanted to write and some amazing links for information but no time. I believe I no longer have the time or the lifestyle to blog. I wish everybody the best of luck on their sewing, design, art, and every other sort of project. I will leave the site up for the time being in case anybody wants anything. Enjoy the end of summer.


Alyson Clair said...


Good luck on your ventures! If I could post on my day job, I would have already written a novel.

Emily said...

It was a great read! Thank you for the all the great posts. Its a shame that there isn't more time to share information since this side of the industry doesn't have much transparency (is that the word I'm looking for? I hope you know what I mean).

Good Luck!

Mary Beth said...

I hope you'll be letting your blog stay active. I've enjoyed/learned/loved what you all have had time to share. Thanks so much and bon voyage!

Anonymous said...

Please leave your blog up, at least -- I've enjoyed reading it, and do wander back through it ever so often.

Carly said...

Thanks for all your kind words. I will leave it up.

Anonymous said...

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