Monday, January 21, 2008

Grand New Adventures

Last week I got offered a job at the industrial design firm Terrazign. Once again Susanna has been incredibly kind to me. She recommended me to her boss Bill and talked him into interviewing me. He in turn has been very flexible with my starting dates in order to help me ease out of my commitment to Beckel with minimum hassle for them. I feel really bad about having to leave Beckle. Kathy was nice enough to give me my job back plus some when things didn't work out at Langlitz. I in turn told her I could stay till I went to school. Alas Terrazign's offer has made a lire of me. It is so exactly what I want to be doing. I will have a hand in the actual sewing and patterning of their projects as well as some training in the programs they use. Both of these things will be invaluable to me later, not to mention incredibly fun now. I will be working with just Bill and Susanna. I don't know Bill very well yet but I like him so far and Susanna is obviously about as sweet as they get. It was an offer I couldn't refuse.
In order to celebrate Jason and I went to the coast last weekend. The recent storms have scoured the beaches. Which gave a more stark and awesome feel to the already stark and gray Oregon winter beaches. Cape lookout state park had part of its embankment wash away leaving plumbing sticking out of the hillside and cement walkways that ended abruptly in cliffs. The beach itself had incredible formations where the sand had actually be flushed from the underlying surface. There were sandstone wrinkles raised up out of the water. It was a huge expanse of these spiny, rock laden, fingers of sandstone with the waves crashing between them. Unfortunately I left my camera in the car. The wood that had washed up was strange water logged roots that looked like they had been at sea for eons. There was also a whole chunk of beach that had washed away to expose a whole grove of tree roots below the waterline.

I did get some pictures from our drive up the coast.


Jessie said...
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Jessie said...

Rob and I spent Christmas in a yurt at Cape Lookout. It was shortly after the big storms hit the coast causing the power to go out for awhile. The park had been cleaned up very well. You wouldn't have know that it was hit except that driving in there were downed trees and slides all over the place. We lucked out with awesome weather, we could see the full moon through the yurt dome! However, the water level was very high. We spend many a holiday at cape lookout, and were amazed that not only could the beach not be accessed, but the water was threatening to come over the berm. Very intimidating!

t-bag said...

what does terradezign make?

Carly said...

They work for corporations making prototypes (among other things) for all kinds of stuff. A company would usually take their prototype, pattern and sourcing and send it to china to be mass produced. I'll be able to tell you a lot more after I've worked there for a while.