Sunday, January 27, 2008

Latest update from NYC

I haven’t been posting because my anonymous neighbors, whose internet I was piggybacking off of, decided to put a password on their wifi service. Alas, I’m much much too busy to actually take my computer to an internet café to connect with the world…but last night as I was leaving work, Nicolas told me he didn’t need me to come in tomorrow. Really???? With Fashion Week only two weeks away, and incredible amounts of sequined organza to sew picot trim onto, I had been planning on spending my whole Saturday at the studio. Now I have an entire free day ahead of me!
I have a couple bits of exciting news. The first and most thrilling is that I have found a dream apartment in Brooklyn. To list a few of the reasons that I am completely in love: intricately patterned hardwood floors, three levels with lots of ground floor space for bicycles, staircases in both the front and back of the place, a huge stained glass skylight over the main staircase, cut glass sconces in various places, a glittering gold tiled fireplace, built-ins, exclusive roof access, a back deck off of a big kitchen, chandeliers, a clawfoot tub, three bathrooms, and tons of dramatic huge windows. It’s on “Doctor-Preacher Row” close to the Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Library, and Botanical Gardens, and only a block away from two subway trains. I sense the quality of my life improving greatly, with the length of my commute cut to a third of what it is now, and my lovely friend Lillian – also a patternmaker/designer - as a roommate. Anyone who wants to come to visit is completely welcome. Lillian just found an 80’s blue street bike for anyone who visits to pal around with us on.
Also, a new home means shared wifi, so I will be posting again regularly in a week or so.
Second bit of exciting news: I get to work backstage at the Peter Som show during Fashion Week! Three of our clients who show in the US – Thakoon, Peter Som and Proenza Schouler, all have their shows the some day, Monday, February 4th. I get to help because this creates too much work for Nicolas and Isabel backstage, where they have to be in case of fitting emergencies, and to help dress the models (sometimes it’s not apparent which way is up or front and back, and since we created the clothes, we help get the girls into them). Last season at Thakoon it was discovered half an hour before the show that all the buttons had been placed wrong, and had to be re-sewn, which is why it’s very important that someone from Nicolas Caito Inc be backstage. I’m excited to see the workings of a full scale fashion show, and to meet Peter Som, the only one of our clients I haven’t met yet. Actually I haven’t met Carolina Herrera yet either, but she doesn’t design anymore, I’m told she just waves at the end of the show and the rest is done by a team of designers headed by a friend of Nicolas’.

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