Saturday, January 12, 2008

This is it, for real

Here are the wonderful pictures that Susanna and Brent helped me with. It is the complete and official portfolio.

This is my first real tailoring project. A wool coat for Jake.

A wool shirt, pendelton-esque, made for Jason.

This was one one of my first sucesses, a canvas, wool lined coat. Note: I don't recommend lining coats with wool.

I love this skirt but I used a found fabric for the lining. I also didn't heat test it so the lining got charred. Oops.

I made this dress for my college graduation party

This is a design by Susanna who employed me to make it for her wedding rehearsal. It was also her beautiful choice of fabric. Its a subtly metalic silk.

This was my halloween costume a couple years ago. I was a Beckle canvas product.

This is a beautiful chocolate silk with antique lace. Its too light for a dress and too heavy for a slip so I mostly wear it around the house on hot nights.

Made from washers and satin ribbon

I made these for Hannah as a present. The white one is a bull head, not a bikini.

Knit mittens, obviously. Both are "Lamb's pride" worsted. I love that stuff.

These are slippers I made for my dad for christmas. They're a little heavy on the Crafting-For-Men thing but I like them. The soles are made from goat skin scraps from Langlitz leathers.

Re-useable grocery bags, also christmas presents.

Beckel Purses.

This was one of the first things I designed for Beckle.

Modular origami rules!

These are made from folded muslin.

I made this quilt for Becca's son Gus, who was still unborn at the time.

This quilt was made by dying scraps in the same dye bath to create uniformity. I made it for my mother.

And you know, this is what I do at work.

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