Friday, March 20, 2009

What do you want?

In the midst of my fashion mayham I'm helping my friend Nate learn more about the construction of garments. All of his questions have got me thinking about the information that I have had trouble finding. If I could make all that info readily available it would make me happy but there is only so much time in a day. So I'm wondering what tutorials would be the most use to others.
I could do one on how to copy your favorite jeans,
How to copy and sew flat felled seams,
Shirt detailing back vents/facing/fancy cuffs,
Drafting and sewing button plackets on the center front or cuff,
Real flies (not Mock Flies) on pants,
Sewing and patterning seams that are an arc joined to a strait line,
At home seam taping for raincoat and dry bags,
Or anything else that you want that I know how to do. So leave a comment, vote, and I'll try to do two tutorials in May.


hannah said...

You know my total hatred of sewing curves to straight lines....maybe if you do a tutorial on it, it'll diminish my long held mental block.
I'd also be interested in the tutorial on seam taping. I took that raincoat class with Susanna ages ago but I've forgotten a lot of it, but still have a dream of making a biking raincoat coverall suit after Dior's 60's flight attendant uniform....
Thanks Carly!

Kai Jones said...

I'd really enjoy a tutorial on copying a garment...not jeans necessarily, but I have a jacket I adore and occasionally find an interesting blouse that fits well and flatters me but is only available in black or white. As a plus-size woman I have to carefully treasure everything I manage to find that makes me feel and look great.

Carly said...

I would be more than happy to. Odd sizing makes it seem especially difficult to find good garments. I think copying your favorite stuff is a great way around this. As soon as my show is over I will put something together.
Thanks for the input