Saturday, November 24, 2007

I finished a Peter Som Fall 2008 today. Let’s just say there was a lot going on. I’m assuming there’s some sort of unspoken confidentiality contract (??) that prevents me from dishing on what various fabulous designers’ collections will look like come fashion week in February –- but I was laughing to myself imagining the exclamatory headlines detailing the upcoming trends in fashion mags 6 months from now. It’s so fun to see the designs with relatively no idea what the final fabric will look like – print or solid? bright or subdued? All we know is the basic texture – silky, knit etc, which is of course necessary for draping purposes. The final fabric changes everything though, and I’m curious to see if it’ll save some of the designs I’m pretty unimpressed with at this point – or, even, overwhelm some of the pieces that I’d wear in a heartbeat just as plain undyed muslin mockups.
But the Peter Som. It was loads of fun to drape. There were bits of it we referred to as bunny ears, another as Mickey Mouse, and at one point I crossed out L side bustle and wrote in L side train. And then I assured Nicolas that yes, turquoise was the word he was looking for. Yup, there was a lot going on. Apparently Mr. Som’s cliental are a little more advanced in years, and I’m hoping to someday see this number on some woman of great stature and presence, caring it off with grace and gumption. You’d have to be a little bit of a fireball to do so.

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