Monday, November 26, 2007

Here's a picture of the Spring/Summer 2008 Proenza Schouler dress I worked on today. All I really did was copy the pattern - SS08 is getting sent to production soon and all the patterns have to be changed from a size two to a size four or six - from runway model size to the mid-range size of the label's target market. The patterns also have to be cleaned up and made crisp and perfect (my job this morning). I was excited to work with this pattern because the garment looks a little complicated -- in reality, without the sleeve, it's just three pieces. Both the front and the back are single pieces shaped like giant up-side-down Ls and then there's a draped piece that comes down from the center front, and under the sleeved arm. I love garments that are draped in interesting ways but end up being so simple -- uninterrupted by seams, the flow of the fabric is especially beautiful.

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t-bag said...

wow. i just saw the photos you posted of the Proenza Schulyer designs for Fashion Week. (It blows my mind that you will be THERE, backstage for the show!!) Though I like the look of pencils skirts- especially the photos posted that seem to have added volume to accentuate the hips, I find wearing that type of skirt unbearable restricting.
But this dress, I love!! It seems to have a bit of pleating/gathering in the front that would make it comfortable.