Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I get tired of seeing things pretty quickly – when I say “that is SO last season” or “I am SO over that” I’m usually making fun of the fashion world, but the truth is, my brain just gets tired of processing the same visual information, especially if those visuals aren’t fabulously aesthetically pleasing in the first place. Right now I’m having a little tizzy over fake designer bags. They’re everywhere, and they’re so damn ugly. The originals are usually fairly overdone in the first place, and the knock-offs all have this sort of extreme hardware, shiny leather, giant (fake) logos, baggy poufy pleaty-ness with no regard for good design. All the trends are just thrown into one floppy oversized bag. And everyone carries them. It’s visually assaulting.


t-bag said...

I am sick of extralong tops. Dresses that must be worn with pants aren't dresses: they're just shirts that don't fit right! Extra long knit tops become pilly from being sat on, and in other fabrics the shirts just all seem to bunch out over the waist and hips in an unbearably unflattering way. YUCK. when will this pass, or has it already and I'm just stuck shopping in the cheapo, last years picks?

hannah said...

taylor, thats so funny, i will always picture you wearing little boy's vintage tees that barely come to your belly button, with holey wool cardigans -- can't imagine you in the dress/shirt thing. which, by the way, fit me like normal shirts fit normal humans. i love them.

denforever said...

yr a human too, and normal! i love them.