Saturday, November 24, 2007

I haven’t set my sewing studio up yet. Oh how I yearn. It’s been…12 days since I arrived in NYC, and today I got a lead on a drafting table – my landlord may have one and might also cut down another table for me to use for my machines. I also have a large wardrobe, which is going to be perfect to hang all of my patterns up in. Apparently it came from down the road at Snug Harbour, at an old hospice house where sailors used to go to die. Yesterday I discovered, written on the inside of the right door, a series of dates, all in the same handwriting: March 4, 1968. April 11, 1968. July 30, 1968. At least a dozen of them… My first thought was, death dates??
Anyway, I miss my sewing studio and am thrilled at the possibility of soon getting to start of one of the dozens of plans floating around my brain.

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