Saturday, December 29, 2007


What can you ever say about christmas. I know its suppose to be a big wonderful moment full of magic and warm fuzzy feelings but I don't know anybody who actually feels that way.

I have three houses to go to. The first of which is my Dad's where this year they were kind enough to wait for us to get there before opening presents. They also did a very sweet job of welcoming Jason. They even bought him some presents that were well thought out and things he would actually use. I got my dream boot. The Frye boots I've been coveting for ages. It was incredibly nice of them.

Then it was on to my Grandma's for brunch. She had decided this year that no one could bring their boyfriends. Which I think is totaly resonable but seemed to add some tension to the event. My mom gave me her late 60s Merantz stereo receiver. This is also something I've been coveting since childhood. I've seen a lot of second hand amps just from dating an audiophile. Many of them have light bulbs burned out or whole speaker channels that don't work. This one has a little bit of stickiness in the knobs but that's it. It has more power than Jason's Merantz and for once he wants to use my equipment in the house. I only feel a little smug.

Next on my list of christmas events is crab louies at my other grandma's house. On this side of the family I'm the oldest of sixteen cousins. Not all of them were there but needless to say its almost complete chaos. The highlight of the night was a present from my aunt to the four youngest cousins. They can only be described as giant stretch velvet pillow cases. They were sewn almost completely shut with a gap at the top. The kids climbed inside with just their heads sticking out the hole in the top. They were like giant velvet flying squirrels. If you ever want to keep a six year old entertained for hours, let me tell you this is the way to do it.

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jessied said...

I have a Marantz pre-amp I've been holding onto for a while, but it's no good without an amp. I'm pretty sure it has some value though. Perhaps you'd be interested. It's f*n heavy and it was originally a console piece. I do covet it but don't expect to be building up my stereo system anytime soon, for lack of fundage. :(