Friday, December 21, 2007

Feeling grateful

I have to take a moment to report how utterly happy I am to be apprenticed to Nicolas. Most of the other folks at NC have much more experience in the fashion industry than I, having actually gone to school for it, and lived in NYC for a time, and they talk about the world of fashion as a not altogether friendly or delightful place. Not that that is a surprise; I suppose what is a surprise is how utterly pleasant that world of fashion is at NC's. The amount that I learn daily is mind boggling (yes, literally, sometimes at the end of the day I am remarkably stupid from having used up my entire mental capacity). Even days when nothing goes right, no one gets frustrated with me, and I am still learning -- what not to do. At risk of sounding gushy, Nicolas is always kind, helpful, and says some damn funny things, both intentional and otherwise. The other day he told someone on the phone he was "crazy busy sick" -- meaning very very busy -- but the immediate image that came to my mind was of someone rushing around puking wildly. I'm digressing.
Every day at lunch we all sit down together, eat off real china with real silverware, and chat for awhile. It's so nice, especially since most of the day we're quiet, focused on our work.
Sometimes I can't believe I'm here, that somehow I stumbled upon someone who does what I want to do, and who wants so much for others to learn it from him.

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