Thursday, December 6, 2007

Well, its official.

I have sent my transcripts to Pratt, RISD, Art Center, and the University of Washington. I have talked to my professors about letters of recommendation. There's is no backing out now. Now I just need to write my letter of intent (which I'm not looking forward to). I have a list of twenty things that will go in my portfolio. The university of Washington requires all twenty but for the other schools I can chose my twelve favorite. So if you own something awesome that I made and have forgotten about now is the time to remind me. I'll be taking official pictures around christmas but here are some teasers.


lavender Sea horse said...

you rock lady!

hannah said...

i love the new shape of the beckel bag -- ive been seeing a lot of bags in the shape of the first mock up, this one is more original. i also love the beckel tag on the outside -- can i put an order in?

Nancy said...

Do you want a picture of Maise's dog coat? Congrats on the school decision. The applications are a pain, but you are more than capable. If I can complete a grad school application, you can!