Saturday, December 29, 2007

Portfolio update

Suzanna and her husband were kind enough to help me take pictures for my portfolio. Really they've been kind enough to help me with just about everything. When we first talked about taking pictures I had no real idea what I was in for. I was not excited to do it myself. The photos would have been done with my tourist quality digital camera in front of what ever blank wall I could find. I imagined that Brent would do pretty much the same thing with a better camera and a better wall. When I got there I realized that this was not an amature set up. We had real lighting, seamless, and a great camera. Suzanna ran me all over town helping me get my stuff together. She did a wonderful job of setting up my stuff including bringing foot lasts for my slippers. Because of them I will have a beautiful portfolio. I cannot thank them enough.
ps I'll post the pictures later.

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