Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hannah's House

I know that Hannah should be posting pictures and explainations about her house but seeing as how I was just there and have pictures I'm going to post them and she can do the explaining if she want's to. I'm sorry about how blurry these are but i was in a hurry and running out of batteries.

Yes that is a faux brick kitchen

This is her room mate Lillian, a totally rockin' woman, and their kitten. And yes they are on an astro turf covered balcony.


hannah said...

I can't believe you included a picture of my disasterously messy room.

Carly said...

Well I didn't include the worst one. But this one is all your sewing gear so I figured it's fair game.

Jessie said...

Ha haha. You guys are funny. Your house is awesome Hannah!

Carly said...

Hey jessie, when are you going to post something? We're all wondering what your up to.