Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's really too bad we can't do this in person

Oh my God Hannah look at these shorts. I know you have probably already seen these as they're a old Sartorialist post but I have to go off about them. Someone in the comments calls them sailor shorts but they are so wrong. Instead of opening via a flap in the front they have a row of buttons down one side and a fly for an opening. This is my favorite kind of asymmetry. There is nothing loud or non-traditional about it except the perfect way its used. I also find it extremely difficult to find shorts that are the right length. Shorts on the whole seem to be either hoochy shorts or mom shorts. These are neither. Granted she's got better than average legs which make it easier. I think though that the real key is the subtle way that the bottom edge flares and the perfect height of the waist band. This is how the female body was meant to be displayed.


Jessie said...

Those shorts are hot!

hannah said...

I would have never thought to flair the leg like that but it seems to get rid of the problem so many shorts create, even if they are the right not too short, not too long length -- they end at the widest part of the thigh, and make you (me) look bigger than i actually am. or maybe she does just have great legs.
also really into the dress shirts tucked into higher waisted bottoms thing. very flattering.