Thursday, June 5, 2008

New designers at Nicolas'

We are expanding our client base at Nicolas', beginning I believe with the Spring Summer 09 season - which means immediately. We're going to be working with Alexander Wang, whose pieces I like for their dark street-y feel -- although most of his work isn't along the lines of what we normally drape at Nicolas' -- upon looking though his WF08 collection I found only a handful of pieces that looked like they would be draped instead of flat patterned. Am curious if he's headed in a slightly different direction...
Here's a dress from Alexander Wang:

We'll also be working with Band of Outsiders, who I love just on principle. There are so few lines that do good menswear, and I hope that their venture into womenswear won't detract from the men's stuff...We'll be working on the women's line - Boy by Band of Outsiders. Pretty structured, and again, more flat pattern territory, so I'm curious how things will unfold.

Also word that we may work with Marc Jocobs. Which means, Marc Jacob's people. Nicolas doesn't like to work with companies that are so big that you don't get direct designer contact though, so I have a feeling that one won't end up happening.

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