Monday, June 30, 2008

Mina Perhonen

While I was in NY visiting Hannah we went to a Japanese book store that was devoted to all things Japanese. It had some pretty amazing Japanese pattern books but the highlight was discovering a series of three small books. They were the textile designs of Mina Perhonen and were divided into Woven, Print, and Embroidered, each having their respective book. I was blown away by her work. I think everybody should check it out so you can click on the title of this entry to go to her web sight, and I'm going to give you a teaser to encourage you to do so.

This one is wonderfully called licorice.

This one is titled tori-to-Hana


hannah said...

oh i'm glad you posted that, i'd been meaning to. not sure about the jacket thought. like the shape, but combined with the fabric it's kind of first-day-of-first-grade isn't it?

Carly said...

I think its fantastic. It makes me want to roll in leaves and pass notes on my first day in first grade. I also love that the fuzzy orange of the collar is obviously just in the collar. I always want to do that but I'm afraid it will look weird. I turns out that is does look weird and doesn't bother me at all.