Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Thakoon Resort

Here are some pieces from Thakoon for Resort 09:

This one was really problematic because all the sequins are actually shapes of sequined fabric cut out and sewn onto an organza backing, which, if you look closely, creates subtle grey style lines throughout the garment -- the problem was that when you cut out sequined fabric and and applique it, the little threads that hold all the long lines of sequins on start coming loose, and then if the dress has been promised to a friend of the designer's, for an awards event, that night, and the sequins are all falling off...
There was a little frantic huddle of hand stitching for a couple hours. Am very curious if it's going into production - I think Resort pieces are usually all produced (???), and I wonder how it'l be done.

This piece was interesting because the entire front, sleeves included, is cut out of a single piece of fabric, which is also gathered around the neck, making for a huge and oddly shaped pattern piece. Things like this are funny to me, because in the rest of the fashion world, fabric allocation is so important -- but time and time again we make patterns that creat enormous amounts of scrap (which sometimes I take home. This one made a pretty gauzy scarf...)

I honetly don't remember if we made this or not - I think Erin may have made the pants. I just love it. Pantsuits in general are so damn cute and the rise is always too short for me and I get cameltoe.


Carly said...

I really like the sequined one.
It might be a little much in person but in the picture it looks kind of cozy. I also really like the subtle style lines.

hannah said...

I you're interested, check out the rest of Thakoon's Resort '09, I belive there's a dress that's exactly the same, but made out of a much more sensible and cozy fabric.