Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pig Roast

Last weekend it was my friend Elliot Martin's birthday. They decided that they wanted to go camping and have a suckling pig roast. We went to Stub Stewart State Park which is a new state park outside of Vernonia OR. I tagged along with Bill and Pinn to get the pig and drive out there. We went to a wonderful farm where they had killed the baby pig that morning for us. I'm being a little ironic but it was a wonderful place that made me only want to buy meat from a place where you could see the living conditions of the animals as well as the people who do the processing. It didn't hurt that it was in the midst of the rolling farmlands outside Sandy with Mt Hood just around the bend.
On our drive out there our car over heated and we were stranding on the side of the road for an hour waiting for our friend to rescue us.
Anyway we finally got out there and it was so beautiful. We spent the evening roasting pig, drinking, gossiping, and generally having a good time in some of the best weather that Oregon summer provides.
This is me making a spit for the pig.

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hannah said...

How did you make the spit and what was it out of? I always want more details...