Sunday, July 6, 2008

More on Draping

I'm almost embarrassed to post this to all you draping savvy ladies, partly because of my janky dressmakers form and partly because I'm sure there are things I'm missing. But this is the same reason that I am posting this, I would love any feedback on things you think I should know or things you think I'm doing well, or what ever. This is the dress I'm making for Taylor Valdez who's getting married at the end of Sept. The skirt it one she gave me because she liked how it looked. Currently it's for visualization purposes only, I intend to drape the skirt as well.


hannah said...

that looks like such a taylor sort of top--
The things I think of immediately (sorry to start of with the corrective feedback...):
-i would mark center front, since you'll be making a pattern just from half the drape, you want that line drawn on (i always draw it before pinning anything on the form) and grain based off of that CF. Just realized though that cowl necklines make marking the CF more difficult. Still, makes me uncomfortable not to have it marked. Do whatever the hell you want with that.
-I think the armhole is too small -- if you pin a line around the bust, parallel with the floor, the armhole should arrive at 3/4" above that bustline, give or take a bit.
-the cap of the sleeve looks like it doesn't have enough ease or room at the top. When we drape sleeves we always have a stuffed arm we pin onto the form, and I can't imagine it fitting under that sleeve. I would let out half and inch on each side of the sleeve and work that excess up into the cap -- 1" ease total is a good middle ground.
The cowl is lovely, I really like the slightly irregular organic feel it has, and the amount of ease you've left in at the bust looks perfect (assuming taylor's measurements are similar to the form's).
The first thing that struck me was that you let the fabric do what it wants to, which is one of the pieces of advice Nicolas gave that I try to remember most.
I'm really glad you posted this, don't be embarrased! Please keep posting the steps.

Carly said...

I just want to assure you that both the center front and center back were marked prior to me draping. I'm sorry they didn't show up in the pictures. I can totally understand while that would make you nervous. Thank you so much for your input on the arm hole. It was exactly the sort of information I was looking for. I will make those corrections and make a pass at draping the skirt and post more pictures.
Thanks again.