Monday, July 28, 2008


I was inspired to look these up after my friend Matt showed me a pair of wool felt shoes he made in grad school - I'm going to try to get a picture of those on here, because theyre actually amazing and remind me a little bit of the adorable square slippers you made Carly.

I love how simple they are, pure functional design, but beautiful for it. The addition of the rubber slip-on bottoms only make them more attractive i think - apparently the wool isn't waterproof, so for outdoor wear they have to add the rubber galoshes bit.


signe said...

I have a pair of these and I must say, they're the most practical, comfortable and utilitarian boots I've ever owned. They look good with everything, especially skirts, that is if the winter day is forgiving enough to let you wear one. I like that it's an old idea coming back too.

hannah said...

Did you buy them a size bigger than you wanted to shrink to fit? i read on the website that if you're going to wear them outside you should buy them bigger.

signe said...

I think I bought them in my regular size. The inside kind of shapes to your feet as you wear them but I don't remember them shrinking. If anything maybe they've stretched over time, nominally.