Sunday, September 7, 2008


With apparent time on my hands, I have dived in head first to Fashion-Incubator, and for the first time.  I had always heard that it was here where the secret to conquering camel toe lied. Anyhow, just wanted to concur on the subject, it is full of amazingly wonderful tips and insights!  Here is what I sought tonight, but did not find, or perhaps overlooked:

I am currently venturing into jean-land, and with full confidence.  I have a wonderfully fitting denim short that I've been wearing all summer, and now plan to step the pattern up a notch with more details. I have entire confidence in the pattern itself, but am now struggling with my inability to find an impressive denim.  With such little selection in Portland, I am forced to look elsewhere, and am hoping I will simply know it when I see it.  All I can find around here looks like it has a layer of paint on top of it.  Oftentimes this paint is a bright blue.  Or when I find a color that doesn't offend me, I am plagued by a ridiculous amount of stretch.  I personally am offended by stretch in fabrics that are not knits.  I understand it serves ready-to-wear well, but don't see where it has a place in fabric stores.  Well, I guess it could be used to make tight 80's miniskirts. Anyhow, my options range from $6 to $10 a yard.  This is so cheap, which leads me to believe that there are much higher quality denims out there for a still reasonable price, $25 would be fine with me.  Does such a denim exist, and if so, how do I track it down.  And what is it exactly?  I know what I don't want, but am not sure what it is that I DO want? If anyone has any thoughts, I would love to hear them.  Ultimately, I want to find something durable without being clunky.


Miriam said...

Have you looked online at or at or Admittedly, you will run into lycra added into several choices, but you should be able to find other options. Also, an e-mail would give you reliable feedback if you wanted to contact Linda at emmaonesock or Ann at gorgeousfabrics. They are both excellent communicators and actively search for quality fabrics to sell.

Jessie said...

Thank you so much for the info, I will definitely check those out!