Monday, September 15, 2008

Pendelton Round Up

Last week end I got to go to the Pendelton round up in Pendelton OR. It sure was fun. I went with my uncle Ted and his friend Spencer who works for Telemundo Portland and got us press passes. We also got to tour the Pendelton woolen mills. They do all the jacquard weaving at this location but all the plaids are done in Washington. Here are some pic of the giant looms. It takes six people two and half days to tie warp threads on.

This is all wool.

From left to right, My uncle Ted, Me, and Spencer. With our press passes.

Check out this guy's shirt.

My uncle got me a signed photo of this guy.


Jessie said...

You have an amazing way of snapping me out of my day to day reality. This looks like a fun day, thanks for sharing!

hannah said...

I was just thinking about pendelton and how we had talked about taking a tour of that factory....yesterday in Shanghai I got a tour of a silk making factory! Everything from the silk worms to the finished product. Wish you could've been there with me.

Carly said...

I wish I could have been there too. That sounds like a ton of fun.
I'm dying to talk to you. What are you seeing? What are you doing? When do you get back? How much fun are you having?