Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Proenza Schouler

A commentator on style.com described the Proenza show as Grace Jones meets Jerry Hall -- a little before my time but it seems pretty on the mark -- I'm only posting a couple pictures, but our studio patterned the vast majority of the pieces in the collection, and it's worth a look on style.com. Pretty fantastic, I'd love to meet the woman who can pull all the looks off.
Below are two jumpsuits I worked on. You may be thinking these are what I'm referring to when I mention being able to pull the looks off, but really, they're some of the less challenging pieces.

And below is one from the studio--not sure who worked on it, but it was quite a production, and it's one of my favorites. The detail at the chest is actually patent leather that is slit from the breastbone, and then twisted before being sewn into the armscye.

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Jessie said...

The last dress reminds me of those sweet L.A. Gears you could get in the 80's, that were white with bright miami colored accents. They always had those panels of little leather twists on the side. It was pretty awesome. I think I would actually rock those now!

Here's a pic if you please: