Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rain in Beijing

I woke up to thunder and lightning and torrential downpours today. I didn't particularily want to go out, but the citizens of Beijing were out on the their bicycles and mopeds as usual, protected from the rain by nifty ponchos just like this one. They come in different colors, from kelly green to fushia to bright yellow, and I can apparently find them at any large supermarket. I went on a wild goose chase to find them this afternoon after the weather cleared, which involved renting a much too small bike from a street stand, biking all over the city in search of a bike shop, drawing a picture of a bicyclist in a poncho for the bike shop workers, who then conveyed that I needed to find a which point it was time to go have dinner. The search continues tomorrow.
Carly, if you want one to replace your oh so adorable rain miniskirt, let me know.


Jessie said...

Is that lady pregnant?

Carly said...

Yes hannah. I want a poncho. I don't know if I will ever wear it but I think I definitely need to own one. I will totally pay you back if you want. Thanks for thinking of me.

hannah said...

i have no idea if she's pregnant, but i doubt it'd stop anybody in china from hopping on the back of a moped-- pregnant ladies, tiny children, entire families -- and if they didn't have a poncho they often carried an umbrella while riding which I thought was odd...generally your head and shoulders aren't what get wet while biking in the rain.