Saturday, February 23, 2008

models, etc

I copied this from Cathy Horyn's NY Times blog, On the Runway, which, by the way, if you want fashion that gets seriously analytical and intellectual (which I often do) is the best fashion blog out there....
Anyway, since working backstage at Peter Som, I've been a little fascinated with models in their total alien-esque-ness. They're such tiny little creatures; in photos they look really thin, but in real life they're not just thin, they're miniscule in a way that took me aback. It may also be that I'm taller than most of them - the model I was dressing was barely my height in her Louboutin's. Some friends of mine asked me later if working with models in any way makes me insecure about my body and proportion, and I was surprised at how quickly I answered "No". Their size and proportion makes them seem so childlike that the idea of being insecure or jealous etc, is really just -- innapropriate? It hadn't even occured to me until he asked me the question.
Now I've gone off on a tangent and really all I meant to do was post this funny little bit from Cathy Horyn:

"I arrived in Paris from Milan last evening, on a flight with perhaps 20 models, including Lily D and Coco Rocha, and nearly half of them carried stuffed animals in their arms. It’s a strange sight to be standing at baggage claim watching ordinary travelers stare at giraffes with teddy bears and blue stuffed dogs."

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