Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Peter Som's Show!

Two of the dresses I draped for Peter Som. They are basically the same asymetrical skirt with different bodices. The top of the taupe one looks complicated, but really, it was the skirt that was more difficult. There are three pleats on each hip, but on the left, they are all high, right at the high hip point, while on the right, they are lower, and spaced about 6 inches apart. Because of the asymetry, it was difficult to situate the pleats so that the three folds they create, that fall across the front of the skirt, lie in a nice clean line.
I wish there was a shot of the back of the dresses, because there's a lot going on. There is a long and also asymetrical bustle/train, as well as a giant bow off to the side. When I was draping the dresses, we couldn't help but make fun of the bustle/bow combination, but I have to admit, it looks a lot better in the final fabric than it did in muslin. That said, I have to agree with style.com when they said they were a little "too vintage-y." Maybe that's because the design came directly from a dress borrowed from one of our NYC vintage stores?

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