Sunday, February 24, 2008

More unrelated to fashion stuff

I spent yesterday at the memorial for my Grandma's sister Patricia. She is now the third person in my family to have died this year. She had been fading for a while but it still doesn't make it fun. My Grandma was the youngest of four sisters and now the last one left. If you still have grandparents go visit them. These people are wonderful and if you need another excuse they probably know more about, sewing, knitting, or wood working than you.
On a much happier note I got to see my cousin Gavin who might be my favorite human being. He turned four a little over a week ago and is a crazy amount of fun. We played with my mother's chickens and I taught him to use my camera. He took some wonderful photos.

This first one is of Gavin and I.
And the next ones are ones Gavin took.

Standing from left to right is Linda, Cathy, the man in the back you can't see is Tom (Linda's husband), my mother's other cousin whose name I'm embarassed to admit that I've forgoten, my mother Leslie, her brother Epic, and my sister Olivia and I in front.

This one is a photo of the whole clan, many of which I met yesterday. If you look closely you can see Gavin hiding between the two ladys in front, standing next to his dad Epic. This one wasn't taken by Gavin, obviously.

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