Monday, August 25, 2008

Balancing Patterns

There seems to be a lot of interest on the subject of balancing patterns, and I wanted to just leave a quick note saying that I'm really enjoying everyone's input and I am planning on writing a couple more posts (complete with slightly skewed sketches to illustrate and confuse everyone...) about balancing patterns with darts, princess seams, and more complicated shapes, as well as a tutorial on draping balanced sleeves.
Unfortunately I am extremely busy getting ready for a VERY exciting trip to China in a couple of days - yes, I will be visiting the fabric market in Shanghai - but I plan to use hotel and airport downtime to complete those posts. Thanks for the interest!


Jessie said...

Who are you going to China with? Have a great time!

dana said...

Yeah on the draped balanced sleeve tutorial!!!! Always the toughest thing for me to get right.

Liron said...

We'll be waiting.
Have a fun trip.