Thursday, August 21, 2008

Holy Crap 2!

In other news, I am still in school.  I have about a year left if you can believe that.  I feel like I've been going forever.  I am preparing to create my Senior Collection, which will actually walk down the runway next Spring.  I am currently working on the concept, and began doing my sketches last week.  I have always found inspiration boards to be a little cheesy, but i guess ideas have to come from somewhere.  Anyway.  I am  taking inspiration from the circular fields as viewed from the air.  Perhaps you've seen them from a plane while flying over the dry sunshiny states.  They are formed by circular irrigation techniques, and form a huge irregular polka-dotted pattern over large spans of land.  I found it remarkable how they resembled sequins, yet the two are polar opposites.  The graphic appeal of the fields is a side effect  of their function, and sequins intentionally create sparkle and glamor.  Here is what I have so far, although I expect it to change and evolve as it develops.  It reflects my color palette somewhat accurately also. This board is still in a serious state of flux, including the name, font, and general layout. Any feedback is welcome.
This board will be accompanied by three or four more, including a color and fabric board, a technical flats board, and another one with the clothing on the figures.  Overall I will be designing four ensembles.  It will be a high end line of women's clothing with an androgynous feel.  I plan to use very muted, non-shiny sequins sparsely, and include a some broad graphic screen printing.  It will generally have circularly inspired seamlines and stylines without being too blatant.  I plan to use mostly natural fibers, specifically cotton, silk, and wool.  I would also like to include some hats, belts, bags, and possibly some handknits. Holy crap, right?!  We'll see how it goes!

What else? Briefly...

I sent a letter to Adam Arnold today, to ask him for an internship.  This is something I've been talking about for like a year, and I'm very happy to have finally done it. So, put some good juju out there for me on that one, cuz it would be awesome!

I'm planning a trip to LA at the end of September to shop for fabric.  So if you have any inside tips, please let me know... Or if you're interested in joining me! 

And I have a new favorite drink that I recommend.  I had it for the first time at PokPok.  It 's Plum Wine topped off with a reasonable amount of soda water, and lots of ice.  Super easy and delicious.  I know it's like technically Fall now, but it's a good Summer drink!

I may seem invisible, but want you guys to know that I'm always checking out your entries.  You guys are doing a great job on all your projects, and are inspirations to me!  Thanks for being such wonderful girls! You make womankind proud!


hannah said...

Jessie!! hurray! im so interested to see how your senior project goes. will you keep posting the inspiration boards? i like the idea of circular lines with an androgenous feel, seems a little contradictory to me, which i think could make it really interesting.
so im coming to portland mid october - will you take me to pokpok for your favorite drink? and also give me a tour of you studio, all projects, and newly acquired fabric?

Jessie said...

That sounds wonderful, yes to all of the above!

Carly said...

I too would love too would love to see your boards as they progress. I'm glad to see that someone is using those crop patterns for dsesign insperation. I have always thought they were beautiful. As a side note the man who invented the circular watering system was a Oregonian.
I wish you luck with Adam internship. He seems really into helping AI students so your chances are good.