Thursday, August 21, 2008

Up date on Taylor's dress

This version of the dress is made with an old sheet and lined with Hannah's fuchsia leopard print. It was made to double check the final fit of the dress and see if Taylor could ride her mini bike in it. Also the open back was an experiment to see if it would be over the top but I think it suits Taylor and the dress. As a "Wear around town" dress I really like it. The color combo of the green and the fuchsia is really fun. It also makes me excited about doing it in the final fabric which is going to be a sea foam green dupioni. As you can see from the pictures I'm going to deal with the gaping in the back opening and tension lines on the waist band. (This is why we make mock ups).
Its too bad about the purse strap because you can't get a good feel for the cowl, but trust me it looks really nice on her.


hannah said...

ooh that is such a cute dress, she looks all hour-glassy. I like the open back as well, its classy with just the right amount of sexiness. how are you planning on fixing the gapping? i have an idea but i want to know if it's the same as yours.

Carly said...

I had been planning on just pinching it out and overlapping that "dart" on the pattern but I was concerned about what that was going to do to the side seams. I had just planned to play around with it in the studio tonight. What's your idea?

Liron said...

Hey there. I was introduced to your wonderful blog by Kathleen.

Great dress.
might I ask why you were worried about the side seam? I mean, why would there be a problem if you pinch the extra fabric from the center back and taper it to nothing on the side? (I am really asking as I am new to pattern making). You could also do it in more than one place-it just might give it some more balance (I think).


hannah said...

i think instead of pinching out the excess at the cross back - which seams like the more obvious solution, but i agree, would totally screw up the side seam -- it would actually be easier and less involved to scoop out the back neck, while maintaining the current neckline measurement -- you want the neckline to fall in the same place, but to basically shorten the back - i suppose you could also shave some off at the waist, but i think that wouldn't work as well because it would pull the fabric down - here it looks like the excess needs to be pulled up.
Then take a little bit out of the back shoulder seam at the neck point side. I think that this is a prime example of why balancing patterns is so important. My hunch is that if you laid these pattern pieces on top of each other the back shoulder would be more sloping than the front shoulder (although the cowl makes it nearly impossible to check)

Anonymous said...

I would try it differently. When you pinch out the gaping excess at CB, instead of taking it up all the way to the side seam, couldn't you just open up a vertical dart from the waist line? It may not be the look you want, but it *could* be a solution. Love your blog, by the way!