Saturday, August 23, 2008

In God We Trust

I went in to the boutique In God We Trust last night on my way home, I've been wanting to check it out because they're carrying a bunch of bags from Beckel Canvas -- the canvas and tent company that Carly and I used to work at together -- one of which is the bag that Carly designed that I've never seen. Our Thursday night drinking and discussing sessions (after which this blog is named) partially grew out of a need for feedback and ideas while Carly was designing and testing this bag.
Carly's bag is really cute, much more feminine than the classic Beckel bags, and I really liked the thin rolled straps. Carly I'm curious if you tested it out with a leather bottom, or had decided that a dark canvas bottom was the way you wanted to go? I do like the canvas, I just hadn't realized that was the fabrication based ont he photos.
The bags were featured prominently in the window - and it turns out that they're displayed in the window of the other downtown Soho store as well. The girl working, Brooke, told me that everyone LOVES the beckel bags, and comments on them often, which warmed my heart. Congrats Carly! The Williamsburg hipsters love your work!

This picture has been posted before, but here it is again - the one being dicussed is on the right.


Carly said...

Thanks Hannah. Its awesome to know that those bags are takingb off. I always liked them. And as you know I live to please williamsberg hipsters. As for the leather bottom. I never did try it for Beckel because for them price was everything. I had forgotten that you had asked for one. Would you want it with a canvas top and leather bottom? I think that would look wonderful. Very luggage chic. Oh yeah does anybody know where to get those clasps for doctor bags. Not the little coin purse size but the full doctor bag size?

hannah said...

ooooh i love those doctor bag frames so much. i'll do some asking around for you.
As for your bag, i would absolutely love one, especially with a leather bottom. Thanks my dear!!
also, side note - i havent forgotten about your 1/4 size dress makers form, i'll have to wait until after my trip because I haven't been able to get up to the garment district with enough time to hunt for them. I think one would fit in my luggage nicely when i come to PDX though....

Liron said...

How exciting. Congratulations.

I have to say, I am just starting to go through some of your older posts.
The clothes you make are very beautiful. Your style is very sensitive to details,and I love it!

I keep wondering-did you study photography? The pictures are amazing.
Can I ask which camera you are using?

Carly said...

If you are looking at the portfolio pictures I have to admit that I had help from someone who knew what they were doing. If you are looking at the vacation shots I can tell you that its a Sony cybershot, and that I get very frustrated with how much it flattens distance shots, and distorts color. Thanks for the kind words about my clothes.

Liron said...

Well,I was talking about both. Good for you anyway. It seems like you know what you are doing too.