Friday, August 22, 2008

This is pretty big for us

I just wanted to say thanks to Kathleen for linking us to Fashion Incubator she has made it possible for our poor little blog to take it's first steps into the big world. I also want to thank her for her kind words about our work and our blog. We have been avid FI readers for quite some time and we are excited to be accepted as part of her web of awesome sewing information. It is also wonderful for us to make connections to other FI readers. We welcome comments of any sort and from anybody. I am happy to try to answer any questions asked and will try to get to things in a timely manner although life is always crazy. Also we are not the most computer savvy bunch and I apologize for any way that our blog might be difficult to navigate. It had worked for us until now but that might need to change. So if you have tips or advice about anything feel free to comment (although I can't promise I follow it). So welcome. Browse, peruse, and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Awesome blog :) Thanks for having us!

Liron said...

Great blog, really fun. Maybe you should insert more labels to describe your blog, because you guys are not easy to find.

Linda said...

I got your blog from Kathleen's recommendation. I love it and I am hanging onto every word. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing so generously. You don't have to do this, so I am very grateful for your generosity.